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Hello... my name is Connie, Doug's sister and this is my brother Doug. His full name was Weldon Douglas Rutherford and went by Doug or 'buba'. I hope you'll take the time and get to meet my brother Doug. He was a very special person in my life so that it's important to me that the world knows he was here and wont be forgotten. Please check back soon. I'll be adding pictures of Doug and I together in a section called
" Holding hands with Doug"

Meet by brother Doug

I want the world to know that my brother Doug was here and did exsist. He had no 'real' friends because he was born mentaly retarded and many had a problem with that but he had his family that would prove to stand with and by him till the day he passed. His mind was no more than a 3/4 and barley 5 year old. He lived with his family untill suffering a heartattack and God decided to bring him home. He had a good life and was very taken care of by his family. He finnished school at Duncanvill high school in Texas. His hobbies were listen to the radio/playing records/stealing mom's tapes LOL/playing with puzzels/drawing and coloring and blowing bubbles. His favorite dog was Brusier he had for many years. His favorite food were pork chops (which he wanted 365 days of the year LOL) Foods he hated were BOLONGY sandwhiches!! and favorite sweets were M&M candy. His favorite saying "WHACHA HAVE FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT" and he would draw a picture of a chicken and ask "WHAT IS IT" What he would get wrong ALL the time EVERYDAY was putting his shoes on the wrong feet!! Funny things he did...He once noticed a girl at the corner store and told her she "had long legs!!" He also offered the store cashier screws and bolts in Winn Dixi once LOL!! Funniest thing I remember he did was shave his eyebrows off when shaving LOL!!! The MOST funniest was he thought he was suppost to shave the hair under his arms getting them HUNG UP in the electric razor LOL!! There was the time he went to sleep went quarters in his mouth so no one would steal'em LOL I cought'em once spitting in a can pretending to be dippen like my husband Rick LOL! Things Doug accomplished were winning countless 1'st ribbons in the Special Olimpics which he attended a good part of his school years. He learned to ride a bike. He could write his name. He made good coffee (by himself). He completed a thousand p. puzzel once. He always made people feel good and laugh no matter the mood they were in. List could go on and on. Dougs WORST habbits were THROWING FITS! He once got a juke box for Christmas from his parents. He was hacked about WHO KNOWS WHAT one day when he decided to throw his leg RIGHT THREW THE FRONT GLASS of this juke box.. SOMEONE got in LOTS of trouble for that LOL other than that he had none, oh yeah, there was this OTHER thing he did that could get just about ANYbody to scream, was PATTING me on the back for HOURS AND HOURS AND DAYS AN DAYS least it seemed that long LOL till I hollered QUIT IT DOUGLAS!! or WHAT DO YOU WANT only to hear him giggle thinking HA now I got her attention LOL LOL!! To me Doug was purly perfect! I'll tell ya the list could go on and on, is truly endless the silly things he would do. He always seem to make people laugh no matter what was going on in his life or our lives. Doug and I grew up together. We were ALWAYS playing together. Growing up as a small child with Doug are my fondest memories being we would spend countless hours in the backyard in a sand pile where we would dig huge holes and spend endless hours cooking and making mud pies with all the pots and pans we stole from mama's kitchen. One memory that sticks with me was Doug pulling me in a little red wagon on a cracked sidewalk infront of my house in Dallas Texas on Mountrenier. I love that memory. I remember looking at Doug pulling me, and Doug looking back at me grinning at him. I know we both weren't no more than 5 or 6 years old. Doug was my world. I remember getting into many fights over Doug in high school constantly defending him against the idiots that would make fun of him. Seems I spent a good part of my high school years in detention or being suspended but never regreted it. Even though Doug never learned to read and write or spell his whole name he did learn alot at a slow pace. I tought Doug how to write his first name and some of his last name. I helped him learn how to write his letters. Some would be backwards but he learned to write them. I tried for years to teach Doug how to tie his shoes. He never learned but did a great job at twisting the shoe strings. He also did a great job at making everyone laugh. Everyone always loved Doug, he was the most sentitive and good hearted person on earth. There's nothing he would'nt have done for anyone. He always carried a huge smile no matter how his day went or how he felt. I remember when died, how many people showed up for the furernal. Most I hadn't seen sence I was a small girl. Tons of family I had'nt seen in years. He was loved no doubt by family. He seemed to have touched so many lives with just being who he was being a special person. He had so much to offer the world and gave as much as he could with the little time he had he gave well. There was alot Doug had within him. SO many good things. Things he could teach a 'normal' person being how to have a good heart. How to NOT make fun of someone just because there were slow or not as smart as them. He could teach people how to smile even at the worst of times or even when not feeling good. He could teach honesty. He could teach how to finish high school and give your all when we have so many to lazy to complet the easyest task. Doug carried himself proudly. He was a very beautiful person. They say were all put here for a reason. I think I know his reason being Doug effected so many lives in so many good ways. No matter WHO would say something terriable to him for being disabled, he would always give a smile to them. This is what my brother could teach. How to be human and how to have feelings for others. I loved my brother so much and was so proud to call him my brother and was never ashamed of him, so that I always looked forward to taking him places and spending lots of money on him. The happiest he was in his life was when I gave birth to my daughter Jennifer. Then to make him even MORE happy, I gave birth to my son Joshua. Doug new that when I had my children he would soon have someone to play and blow bubbles with. Doug was the center of my childrenes world. They loved him so. Doug was everyones world. He had that effect on you. No one would ever forget Doug....I know I wont. I'll always remember him as being my best friend and brother. He was my family. My only family. Today I have my wonderful husband my two chrildren and very selective friends. That's it for my family. Family is important to me. Thank you Doug for years and being my family and giving me something to remember...... being you.

Last words Doug spoke before going to sleep
Tell Connie I love her

Sister loves you to Doug