Cabbage Patch Kid Baby Shirt

Cabbage Patch Kid Baby Shirt
This pattern is copyright 2007 Sabra Morse. Please see the main patterns page for more info on what you can & cannot do with this pattern & garments you make from it.

There is only one seam to sew on this shirt!

Materials Sport weight yarn--used Red Heart Baby Econo, perhaps 1/4 skein's worth H hook
Gauge13 sts = 4" 10 rows = 4"
Chain 45
1: DC in 4th chain from hook (first 3 chains count as 1 DC) and in each remaining chain. 43 DC
2 - 6: Ch 2, turn. (Note that in this pattern the turning chains do not count as the first st.) DC in each st across. 43 DC
7a: Sl st in first 3 sts. HDC in next 16 sts, leaving remaining sts unworked.
8a & 9a: Ch 1, turn. (Turning chain doesn't count here either.) HDC in each st. 15 HDC At end of row 9a, finish off.

7b: Skip 6 sts. Join in next st with sl st. HDC in that st and in next 14 sts, leaving 3 sts at end unworked.
8b & 9b: Work the same as 8a & 9a but do not finish off at the end.

10: Ch 6. Join to end of row 9a by sc'ing in the end stitch. Sc in each of next 14 HDCs. Ch 6. Sc in end of 9b & in next 14 sts. Finish off.
Sew the side seam.
1: Join into one of the sts on Row 6 with a slst. DC around armhole evenly. How many sts you wind up with doesn't matter much (I had 20), just make note of the number so you can ensure the same number of sts on the other sleeve. Place a stitch marker in the last st on round one to keep your place.
2 - 5: DC in each st around.
6: Sc, ch 1 in each st around. At end, join with sl st to first sc & finish off.
Make 2nd sleeve in the same manner as the first.
Trim: Join with sl st in any st on the neckline. Work (sc, ch 1) in each st around. Join to first sc with sl st & finish off.
Weave in all loose ends.