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These fit on 1600 x 1200 screens or larger

Media Monkey Skin called
this looks better then the image below
it is also a good sized skin only works on 1280 x 1024 or larger screen sizes
Only For Media Monkey version 3 player from

Media Monkey Skin called
ON The Range" with script screenshot of " Jukebox "

12 mb download the jukebox script not included. just shown.
Only for use on 1152 wide by 864 high Screens or Larger
the texas image with the hat is only the stretch image it won't show on smaller screen
this screenshot is a 1600 x 1200 screen.

the jukebox script is shown so you can see how it looks.

the fonts in mediamonkey now are able to be set in size by the user, so if you change
the font size, the buttons and the name areas will be changed in postion in the jukebox.

there is nothing i can do about that.
only tell you font size 12 pixels makes it look the way it does in this screen shot
with the buttons and name areas in the proper postions.
the buttons and letters in the jukebox script will change to use the ones from
which ever skin you use on mediamonkey.
so your wondering why use the jukebox, you can now close the directory tree in mediamonkey.
so i see this as just another way to use playlists and this way starts playing
when you click the number button. just like the remote jukebox's did in real life use.

Since the buttons are not normal looking here is a list of them.


Media downloads page.