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Are you Able to Apologize?Are you Affectionate?Are you Appreciative?
Are you Charming?Are you Clever?Are you Comforting?
Are you Compatible?Are you Complimentary?Are you Concerned?
Are you Considerate?Are you Creative?Are you Empathetic?
Are you Encouraging?Are you Forbearing?Are you Forgiving?
Are you Funny?Are you Generous?Are you Gentle?
Are you Giving?Are you Good at Listening?Are you Good at Remembering?
Are you Good at Surprising Your Loved One?Are you Good at Taking Criticism?Are you Good Natured?
Are you Helpful?Are you Honest?Are you Humble?
Are you Humorous?Are you Insightful?Are you Interested?
Are you Kind?Are you Likeable? Are you Longsuffering?
Are you Loving?Are you Loyal?Are you Motivated?
Are you Open?Are you Patient?Are you Playful?
Are you Polite?Are you Protective?Are you Proud of Your Loved One?
Are you Relaxing?Are you Rigid or Are you Able to Bend?Are you Sharing?
Are you Spontaneous?Are you Steadfast?Are you Supportive?
Are you Sympathetic?Are you Tender?Are you Thankful For Your Loved One?
Are you Thoughtful?Are you Trusting?Are you Trustworthy?
Are you Uncritical?Are you Understanding?Are you Unselfish?

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