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Glenn Lord's Ultima Thule

Color Cover by Rafael Kayanan

52 Pages - Facsimile Reproduction

The Hyperborian League was an Amateur Press Association (apa). Apas and Amateur Press Societies (aps) go back in the history of amateur journalism much farther than does the existence of the Fantasy and Science Fiction fan movement.

The Hyperborian League was an Amateur Press Association dedicated to serious discussion of the authors Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith. At the time of its existence The Hyperborian League was deemed much more serious and scholarly than its rival, The Robert E. Howard United Press Association (REHupa). However, these two apas did merge in the late 1970s and REHupa is still going strong today.

Ultima Thule was Glenn Lord's apazine in the short-lived The Hyperborian League. In the pages of Ultima Thule, many facts concerning Robert E. Howard's life and work first came to light.

This volume, Glenn Lord's Ultima Thule, gathers together all Mr Lord's contributions to The Hyperborian League, even including one that did not include the Ultima Thule masthead.

Glenn Lord's Ultima Thule


Ultima Thule #1, October 1975
An Unborn First Edition: This issue recounts Robert E. Howard's original efforts to market The Hour of the Dragon to British publisher, Denis Archer. (That Conan novel is the inspiration for this volume's cover illustration by the extremely talented Mr. Rafael Kayanan.)
Ultima Thule #2, April 1976
Many editors used printed rejection slips, but occasionally the editor would write a personal letter instead. Here are examples of some of these letters.
Ultima Thule #3, July 1976
In the normal exchange of correspondence that naturally occurs between agent and client, in this case Oscar J. Friend and Dr. P.M. Kuykendall, Dr. Kuykendall nearly sells all rights to Robert E. Howard's work to Mr. Friend.
Ultima Thule #4, October 1976
This is a listing of the actual sales that Howard made in his lifetime, with the amounts that he and his agent earned on those sales.
Ultima Thule #5, July 1977
Not only did this issue, from The Hyperborian League 8, feature more personal rejection letters (and requests for rewrites) from Howard's files, but also contains the first attempt by Mr Lord to update the "Translations" section of The Last Celt past its original December 1973 cut-off date.
Ultima Thule #6, January 1978
From The Hyperborian League 10, we have further updates of the "Translations" section of The Last Celt, some publishing news, and the last of the personal rejection letters that were to run in this fine apazine.
Robert E. Howard's Library
Rather than a final issue of Ultima Thule, The Hyperborian League 12 ran the first attempt by oneone in the Modern era (that is, since the original librarian's list) to try to catalogue the Howard Library that had been donated to the Memorial Collection at Howard Payne College.

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