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I got into gardening a few years ago. I have always been interested in plants and liked cutting shrubs and such to make them look pretty but that was about it. I never knew what I was buying and planting and then would wonder why everything died.

Well, here I am a few short years later, gardening with perennials* organically with my very own compost turner (my husband made it for me : - )

The links I have compiled here mostly come from my searches to find out more and more about gardening and plants to grow in my area. It's amazing when you actually do a little research and use that information the plants grow!

God does beautiful work through our hands. Enjoy the site and have fun!


p.s. I am always adding more pictures and links so come back!

- Lasting an indefinitely long time; enduring.
- Appearing again and again; recurrent.
- Botany. Living three or more years.