Random Viewpoints on "God, as we understood Him".

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Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

His sponsor talked about a "higher power." My roommate talked about witchcraft. Others talked about a "rock," a "Big Dipper," and a "Group of Drunks" as their higher powers. Some even offered to "loan" out their own "higher power" until the newer person could find his own_which, they said, could be anything greater than himself. One authoritative sounding fellow assured those present at almost any and every Friday Nite Beginners’ Meeting, that his "higher power" was Ralph. - Dick B.

“Part of the bottom line is the person’s own sense of spirituality, not something that’s imposed,” Webb said. “It has to fit for the person. AA is trying to help people find their own source of spirituality, their own source of power outside themselves.” - Jon Webb, a psychology professor at East Tennessee State University who has studied both addiction and spirituality