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Story #1

Who ih dat?

What's New Pussy Cat? Tom Jones? ~ LanzaMarie

Greg Brady? ~ Dirtweed

Nope, you're all wrong. Try again.

Eureka! I got it! It's Alf after being sqooushed by a falling safe! ~ Islandgirl
Adam Sandler? ~ BigMama
Is it Papi's foreskin come to life? ~ Rick
Rick's dead possum!? ~ Islandgirl
Grover Cleveland? ~ Dirtweed
Pat Boone? ~ Papi
Lyle Lovett? It must be, because the other guy you identified as Lyle Lovett on your web site definitely isn't! ~ LanzaMarie
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio? ~ LanzaMarie
The apostle Paul? ~ Lisa B.
Farrah Fawcet? ~ Papi
George Washington Carver? ~ Dirtweed
Elvis? ~ Scott

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