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Land Clearing Jesus

Land Clearing Jesus

Chapter 2

Hours later, Tom lunges out of a coma, healed. There is a bearded figure in the corner. His vision still cloudy, he calls out, "Mommy?"
"No, my son. It is I, Jesus. There is work to do and little time to spare. You've been chosen by a higher power to help save mankind. You must move quickly.
"Why me?" Tom queried. "How can I possibly achieve such an impossible achievement? My book? I didn't write it myself?"
Jesus smiled, unstrapped a bracelet from his wrist and fastened it to Tom's. "This should help guide you. Act quickly. I'm going bowling. Later, dude!" With that, he was gone.
Tom, nearing hysterics, looked at the bracelet on his wrist and it's four inscribed letters: WWID.

"Great!" he thought "Just when I need my spider man super duper decoder ring it's no where to be found!" "hmmmm....I wonder if this dumb wrist wrap is at least good for free drinks at the tequila bar of that new night club down the street?." As if hearing his thoughts, the ghastly green wristband began to glow with an unearthly light....steadily it began to pulse...each throb of light seeming to prenetrate his skull with its brilliance. Pictures and forms began to swirl around in Tom's brain. His eyes went blank and cold. Yes..yes..he was beginning to understand. It was all beginning to make sense. Tom was filled with a sense of purpose. They were calling all costs he must fulfill his mission. Jesus hadn't a clue what a wild ride he had opted out of tonight...but Tom, yes, Tom would be the hero for a change. They were giving him the power, the voices filled his head and the band of light encircling his wrist began to beat faster...
A grin spread across Tom's face, a grin that would have made young babies cry and old grannies drop dead in their tracks...he was filled with the power...

Land Clearing Jesus is a story being created by the Mazybolton Writer's Guild. The color of the names below correspond with the color of the text above.

Order of appearance:
Rick F.
Joe King
Dan L.


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I wouldn't have let him participate in the story if he hadn't started begging from the day I mentioned I planned to get it going.

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