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My Illustrious Career in Showbusiness

photo by LanzaMarie

This is a photo of Barbara and myself on the Rosie O'Donnel Show. Barb had asked me to wear that gray shirt my mother had given me for my birthday. I was backup for Barb, and I must admit I sang for her to back up - or at least bend over. Remember that Superman album and those shorts? Whew.
But seriously, the lady's a class act and I'd like to wish her and Jim all the luck in the world. They make such a cute couple, don't they?
Love you, kids!

photo by LanzaMarie

This is a shot from the Golden Globe Awards. I received this award for my role as J. Queens Partner in the film, Who's Your Baby's Daddy?. Sean Connery and Nichalos Cage co-starred in this the latest in the Bond series.

I'd like 2 thank God and my agent and photographer, LanzaMarie, who made all of this possible, for her uplifting words when I though I couldn't go on and her forsight to see me through to such a fabulous career on stage and before the camera.

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