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"How To Hunt Ghosts"

Be very, very quiet

So, you think you want to be a Ghost Hunter? Well, it's not as hard as you may think. We use a lot of expensive equipment, but it is not necessary for the beginner. All one really needs is a desire to do it, time, and patience. Patience being the most important of these. Don't expect to walk into a graveyard for the first time, and see a hundred Ghosts! Odds are it will be more like; walk into a hundred graveyards, and see one Ghost! (If you are lucky) Just remember one thing, this should always be FUN!!! If you dont have fun, you won't want to keep doing it. And always remember to keep the fun safe. No one likes to be in a dark cemetary, and have a buddy scare them half to death with a cheap Halloween mask. Not only is that agrivating, but it is also dangerous, as one could easily fall and get hurt during the process.

Before we get started , let me first take a moment to express some thoughts to you. The field of ghost hunting is a science, and should be treated as such. At this point in time, there is no viable evidence to prove the exisitence of the after life, or ghosts for that matter and that is why we are here, to prove that. This is a dedication, not a proffesion, and therefore, one does not make a living at it. A lot of orginaztions charge for their services, or ask for donations, and that is their choice. I personally feel this is wrong, and only debunks the reputation of all legitamate ghost hunters. We do not claim to be able to "catch" or "remove" ghosts, as I have never met anyone who could. Some claim this, but I would suggest that no one make these claims with out hard scientific proof, not theories, or word of mouth evidence. I have a lot of theories myself, and for now they are just that, maybe one day I will prove them, or I will be proved wrong, but that is what makes the "black art" or science so enjoyable. If you decide to join on us in this quest for answers, please remember to be a proffesional, and do not hurt your reputation, or that of others with false claims and findings. The best way do this is to try and prove yourself wrong. If you take a picture, and think there may be a ghost on it, do everything possible to rule out any natural occurance, i.e. bad film, weather conditions, etc... before you go off running to tell everyone that you have proof that ghosts do exsist. One good solid piece evidence puts us all one step closer to the truth, while one bad piece or haox puts us ten steps further away from it.

Okay, now that that is out of the way, are you ready to find out how to hunt Ghosts now? Good, let's get to it then!!!

  • What Is A Ghost?

    The dictionary defines a Ghost as: "The spirit of a dead person, especially one believed to appear in bodily likeness to living persons, or to haunt former habitats.", and for the most part, this is a fairly accurate definition. Ghost are generally put into two categories, Friendly, and Mischievous. "Friendly" Ghosts are usually credited as deceased relatives, or friends who are just "saying" hello, while "Mischievous" Ghosts are most likely accounted to someone with a troubled death, or children who may not understand that they are dead. Some even believe in "Evil" spirits, and to define these, would depend on your own personal beliefs. The word "Demon" is the most common name given to these types of spirits.

  • Where Do I Find A Ghost?

    Ghosts can be found almost anywhere, but there are some common "Hot Spots" which we will discuss. The most important thing to remember when choosing a location is this;
    "Trespassing Is Illegal!!!!"
    If a location is posted with a "No Trespassing" sign, stay off of it. If you can, always get the land owners permission before entering anywhere. Public places are generally the best, as you can go to these anytime they are open. Okay, now that's out of the way, let's talk about those "Hot Spots".

  • Graveyards

    These are probably the best place for a beginner to start. Most, usually are public, so they have easy access, and most also are very old, providing a great history. When choosing a graveyard, ask yourself if you know of any with a "legend" around them, (Remember those stories you used to tell in elementry?) or if they are legal to enter at night. Try and find out as much history of the site as you can, as it will usually hold the answer you are looking for if something strange does happen. These are excellent spots for photographs, the more pictures, the better. E.M.F Detectors also work well here.

  • Churches

    Churches seem to be another good location for finding Ghosts. The older they are, the more activity they seem to have. Most however are private, and you MUST get permission first before investigating them.

  • Haunted Houses

    "Haunted houses?" you say, "Where do I find one of those?" Every town has it's own haunted house; you know, the one with all the scary stories about it. These, in our experiences are the best locations. However, most of them are private, and the owners want nothing to do with someone looking for Ghosts in their home. If you can legally get access to one of these, do it, you won't be disappointed. Sometimes the house in question may be abandoned, and you can take some great pictures from outside of it with out getting in trouble. Yes, Ghosts are known to walk around the property also, who says they have to stay inside the house they haunt?

  • What Equipment Do I Need?

    There are a few tools that everyone should have, from the novice, to the professional. This list is fairly comprehensive, but do not take it as "all you may need". Everyone has their own "favorites", and we are no exception. When choosing tools, just ask yourself, "Do I need that?" or "Do I want that?". And wether you need it, or want it, is entirely up to you, that's what makes this FUN!!

  • Flashlight

    Common sense should tell you right away that this is the most important thing you should take with you. After all, you are going to a remote graveyard at night aren't you? Wouldn't it be nice if you could see where you were walking, or what that is creeping in the woodline? Always remember to bring spare batteries, as they seem to fail in the darkest graveyard you visit. We recommend "Maglights", for their superior brightness, and reliability. They also provide a formidable self defense weapon if the need should arise.

  • Camera

    How do you expect to get a picture of a ghost if you don't have one of these? Nothing expensive is needed here, and the saying "Simple is better" fits the bill nicely. You don't want to be running from some beast in the woods and have to a bunch of complicated buttons spoil your picture. Any of the 35mm "point and shoot" models work well. You may also want to use 400 speed film, as it seems to work the best.

  • Tape Recorder

    This device is very useful for two reasons; first off, they are great for keeping voice notes during your investigation, and second they may also pick up some EVP recordings. Just remember to always use a new tape each time you go out. We also recommend using one with an external microphone so you won't pickup the machine's motor on your recordings.

  • Infared Thermometer

    Ideal for finding the "cold spots" associated with paranormal activity. Near instant readings make them very user friendly, and many are back lit for those night time investigations.

  • E.M.F. Detector

    Many scientists, and ghost investigators alike believe that when a "spirit" is present, it disrupts the atmosphere's natural "Electro Magnetic Frequencies. This device will let you know when a "spirit" is present by showing changes in the atmosphere's emf levels.

  • Camcorder

    Great tool to create a video log of your investigation. Who knows, you may even record something you didn't expect.

  • Wrist Watch

    Needed if you plan to keep an accurate log during the investigation. Personally, I recommend the Timex "Expedition". It's back lit, waterproof, inexpensive, and tough as nails.

  • Log Book

    Again, one of those needed items required to keep accurate notes.

  • Night Vision

    Not for everyone, but they are great on darknights, especially when someone says, " What was that over there in the brush?".

  • Metal Detector

    A lot of times, people have been known to fake hauntings in order to increase their own financial status. This device is great for finding hidden devices such as cameras, and tape recorders that be may used in creating a hoax.

  • Where Can I Buy The Equipment?

    If you would like to buy any of this equipent, but dont know where to find it, I have compiled a List as to where they may be purchased. If you know of a better source, or just some place cheaper, let me know, I will be happy to add the link.

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