South Park Signs Death Warrant

"South Park" creators Trey Parker, and Matt Stone have recently accused Howard Stern of being meanspirited, and doing only mean comedy which is "Easy" according to Parker. They also accused "Married with Children" of the same comedy crimes. Parker felt that the best comedy was sweet. They said these things while promoting a T.V. show which bashes the Bush family, and said how much they wanted to go after the Bush's daughters, even though they aren't public personalities.

This is where I come in and say what the F$%K is wrong with these guys!? I have never seen Stern do mean humor or comedy, and if he is mean it's usually against a fellow employee who has screwed something up, and when he goes after celebs, it's rarely about their personal life, usually if a guy does a comedy and it tanked, Stern says so!

They also bashed "Married with Children" uh Homos (Have you seen their movies???) Last time I checked "Married with Children" never called their black characters "Token" like you did! Plus one thing all Stern fans know is that Howard would never ever attack someones children no matter how tempting. How dare they call Stern meanspirited when they are attacking Bush's Daughters who aren't famous. The most Stern would do is say they were hot.

Now who is meanspirited?? I actually am not mad at them for making such ignorant comments, rather I feel bad for them. These 2 fruits obviously aren't Stern fans or they would have noticed how celebs would run when they heard Sterns name. Now when Stuttering John says he's from Stern they run over to be interviewed! They don't realize that he can end their careers overnight. They don't realize that 90% of "South Park" viewers are Stern fans who will not watch the show given the command by him. Major actors like Chevy Chase have learned this lesson as has major corporations like Quaker Oats who have gone against the Stern-grain.

They have signed their own death warrants, and I for one am not sad. Anyone so ignorant to call someone mean,when they have by far the meanest show on T.V. deserves their fate!

One last thing about the "South Park" boys. Maybe they should take a hint from Howard on how to make a movie.

A. Make it funny

B. Don't make it the gayest thing known to man.

That's all I have to say about that.