The Sat Religion

Here We have the list of Saints in the church of Sat. They start off with our God known as Howard Stern and will trickle down from their from saints to apostles. In this list we will seek out your own favorites and try to live our life as to how they lived their own. each of these men and women are successful, and are all considered genius. I can only think of one who many have not heard of, but I have a feeling she will make an impact in years to come, then forever. Remember a genius is someone who has transcended time, and is timeless therefor a true genius. Here are you Gods!

Howard Stern

George Carlin______________________Misanthropic Bitch

John Lennon____________________________Jim Morrison

Trent Reznor
Celia Green___________________________Otto Weininger

Friedrich Nietzsche_____________________Howard Bloom

Martin Scorsese____________________Quentin Tarantino

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