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The Redwood Songbook

NOTE: This collection of music links to the Redwood Songs was created for me to practice performing these lyrics in private for personal friends and family, which is how I edit my work. (The last time I tried to sing in public, I was told to take singing lessons!) I would like these lyrics to be presentable enough to propose a musical fundraising project to the Harry Fox Agency, and the various artists whose songs I rewrote, in order to organize enough sponsorship to purchase and preserve Headwaters Forest as a national park.

My idea is to set up a licensing arrangement by which the music companies and recording artists lend the government the rest of the money needed to purchase the rest of Headwaters Forest that is still unprotected, and to pay back that loan by hosting a Redwoods Midi Concert online by which sponsoring corporations, philanthropists, or private foundations and citizens agree to donate so much money per hit or download until the debt is paid off.

I would also like Maxxam Corporation, which currently owns Headwaters Forest, and the Gap, which own Mendocino Redwoods, to be involved in this endeavor, so that their employees may work at sustainable jobs instead of being paid to destroy the environment, if they are paid at all.

Please direct any suggestions or comments to Emily Nghiem at

For a complete collection of lyrics, see the Redwood Songbook: Recycled Songs for the Environment

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