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Join Us!!!

The Holy Order of Mephistoku's Logo

In this section, I will explain the steps for becoming a Myvar.

1. You can join one of two ways: Through the mail or email. Regardless of which you choose, you must include the following information: Your name, sex, age, mailing address, email address, day-time phone number, and a short explanation of why you would like to join the Holy Order of Mephistoku.
2. If you choose to use the regular mail, mail the above information to:

The Malaxian (Julia E. Willis)
P.O. Box 1214
Porter, TX 77365

3. The goddess and I will review your your information and determine whether or not you are truely ready to join. If you are, I will mail you a copy of our Ritual Guide, our Rules and Regulations Guidebook, and a certificate that certifies you are an offical Myvar. I will also send you an email welcoming you to our wonderful order.