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Chrysallis Media

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***Please excuse the mess as I am changing the site completely***

Thank you taking the time to check out my website! Michelle B. Photography has now changed to Chrysallis Media. I will be turning this site into more of a media site than a photography one. I will feature at the very least my painting, drawings, photography, sculpture and multimedia such as my acting reels and hopefully some tutorials.

I am very pleased to provide professional and timely service to all my customers on any custom orders. All occasions and customized art is very unique and I am capable of capturing any moment perfectly. I have been an artist since 1994 and truly enjoy every minute of it.

I am willing to take consultations for free over phone, email, or in person. While my website is not the flashiest on the net, it will give you the information you need to choose your media artist.

I specialize in a little bit of everything. See my Commissions page for details. And while you're at it check out my Gallery for a taste of my art.