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My Graphics


About this page

I spent about a year surfing cyberspace and have seen literally tons of images that I thought were cool. I later made a homepage. I browsed tons of other graphics pages looking for the ones I wanted. I found so many I liked on various sites, but never all on the same one. My tastes are so varied. So recently, I decided to put them all together and make my own graphics page. All of the images I found were in the public domain as far as I know. If you see any that are under copyright, let me know and I will gladly remove them with the proper verification. Otherwise, take a look and take any you like. I have them broken down into categories. All I ask is that you upload them to your own directories, sign my guestbook, and maybe contribute any I don't have. Thanks a ton and enjoy!

These are the categories:

Animals (only cats and
penguins right now)
Miscellaneous (under construction)