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PEOPLE: OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, THE HOLY SPIRIT, The Young Family, Kris's Mom, Aaron for a great 2 years, Jade, Betty and Jack (our instruments), Collin at the Rock, Doc and Laddy's, Brazos Meadows Baptist Church, Dave and Kim at Victorious Life Church, Jonathan Burleson at Waco Christian Fellowship, Alliance Bible's Youth, Brian K. Whoever broke Pete's window. FEMI!! for just being there when we needed to talk. Mo-fer for the time on the radio. X-girlfriends (for showing us how dumb we really are:).For all those who are dedicated to supporting and going to the shows. Beast Wars!! Milk (for Clint). Off-brand clothing.

BANDS: Sand, The Paperclip Pirates, Mark-needs-a-chick, ADD, Scattered Souls, Noggintoboggan, Jesse-&-the Rockers, Spoken, Ghoti Hook, and any other bands we might meet later. OH YEAH... FATHER, SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT AGAIN. AND THANX TO ALL OF OUR 6 FANS AND THOSE OF YOU WHO SEE THIS SITE.


p.s. There are a lot more people that deserved being thanked but we can't think of them right now. So if you deserved to be thanked, tell us so we can put your name down.