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jeffinTN's Favorite Links

Interested in great Diecast News.. check this site out.  Click here to goto the Diecast Warriors page

Here are few of my favorite links. If you have a Website and would like to add it to this page of links. Email me with the site. Put add to link page in the subject of the email. Also please add my link to your page in return.
If you have any problems with any of these sites let me know. Enjoy & have fun, Thanks!



Other Ticket Trade Boards

Rubbin is Racin's Ticket Board

Racers Exchange Club(another good face value ticket trade board)

Interested in Diecast.. check this site out.

Some of My Fellow Diecast Warriors Pages

Ben's Nascar Page **** Bob's Diecast Page

Bob in Del.'s Diecast Page

Bogus1's Race Page **** Chad Allen Harpole's Webpage

Chevy's Race Page **** Chickcharney's Hideout

Clark's Collectibles **** Dan in Indy

Diecast Dawgs **** DieHard3Fans Cars

Gus Brubaker's Nascar Page **** GW's Dale Earnhardt Diecast Page

Jclgodale3's Page **** JimC

mpete's diecast **** Paul's Nascar Page

Racerdac's Diecast Collection Page **** Rugats Racing Champions Collectors Page

Sawz (RickinNH) **** TOM`S # 85 RACING PAGE

Racing Related Pages

Nascar Plus **** Speedworld

That's Racin' **** Jayski's Nascar Silly Season

NASCAR ONLINE **** Buckar00's

Casey Atwoods Mother's Page **** Nascar Race Frequencies

BGN **** ARCA Fan Central

Sue's Nascar page

Rick's 2001 Nascar Page ****

Earnhardt Jr. Online

The Earnhardt Connection


Diecast Dealers

KayinSC's The Collection Room (Diecast Warrior)

CB Racing Collectibles

Golden Eagle Racing
(Good selection of Sheetmetal)

Race Teams & Driver Sites

Buckshot Racing

Brewco Motorsports **** Joe Gibbs Racing

NonRacing Related Pages

Ocean Racing Ventures
(My Brother's Business)

University of Tennessee Vols

World Wrestling Federation