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Welcome to the new Issues Shack! The new redesign is for you and hope you like it.

The Info section is for KoRn and the Site news.
The FAQ section is to answer any queries you have about KoRn.
Discography displays tracks for all 4 KoRn CDs.
Pics provide you with pictures of KoRn, from individuals to group photos.
Issues Lyrics Follow the Leader lyrics Life Is Peachy lyrics KoRn lyrics
You can buy yourself some awesome Korn poster and help me out to keep this page up at the Shack Stuff Store.
Listen to full-length Korn songs and videos at the Media section.
Song Meanings will tell you what Jonathan thought about while writing his songs.
Tour Dates give you the most recent tour dates.
Links will direct you to links that will enhance your KoRn experience.
And the Comment section will help me get feedback from you.
And lastly, the Goodies will give you things you can download of KoRn
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