Issues Shack : FAQ

1. Q: Where is Korn's home?
A: Bakersfield, CA. Korn is another product of Orange County.

2. Q: How did Korn get its name?
A: I don't think anyone knows for sure. If you do, post it on the message board.

3. Q: Have you heard anything on Korn's 5th album?
A: Well yes I have. The news that's goin around is that the album will be released somewhere in the middle of 2001.

4. Q: Who are the members of Korn?
A: Jonathan Davis - Lead Singer
Brian "Head" Welch - Guitar
James "Munky" Schaeffer - Guitar
"Fieldy" - Bass
David Silveria - Drums

5. Q: What makes Korn so different from other bands?
A: The first thing that seperates Korn is Head and Munky. Their custom 7-string guitars bring incredible depth to the songs. Fieldy's Bass antics, playing only with his fingers, give the band its groove. David's drum lines give the band the beat. The best of all, Jonathan's dark lyrics from the occurances in his life give the band its direction.

6. Q: Is there more FAQ?
A: It will be here shortly.