My World As an Imp

Hello all and welcome to my little corner of the web. I've had this site for many years.
It doesn't get updated all that often. I work full time crunching up numbers and this is
my place to express my creativity. You will find a great many artistic things here along
with the basics. I hope ye enjoy your time. Please remember to check back to see if
anything new has arrived.

Below is a link that gives you the basic stats on me and who I am.
You know one of those general profile kind of things.


This Page is completely devoted to my boyfriend and my animal friends. These are our best
Critter buddies. They fill our days with joy. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do.

**!New Page!**
Critters Page

Here is a page devoted completely to pictures from my Vacation in Southern IL.
We arrived on 09/10/05 and sadly had to leave on 09/17/05. Anything along IL Route 13
and South of there were our stomping grounds for an entire week. It was wonderful!

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Vacation Piccys

This is the long awaited page that has some of what my path is as far as my spirituality. It leaves
out many things but it is a start and will be added to when the time comes again.

My Path

This is my Cavern of Poetry. This is where you will meet one of the many parts of me.
This part is known as Falling Water being that all of my writings are done while I'm
depressed. Also it is the meaning of my middle name which is Lynn. Have fun.


This last link is where you will seriously start to wonder if I really am only in my twenties
or if Falling Water is someone who is 80 years old. These rambles are just a few
of the things I think about late at night when I'm sitting on the roof smoking.

Showing My Age

***Updated 27.03.09***

Bright and Warm Blessings to All,
Jamie a.k.a. The iMp a.k.a. Falling Water a.k.a. Lady Andais

Grumbles something about it's about damned time that I finally was able to take a Vacation.
Oh sorry about that didn't mean to add that. Oh well have fun all!