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Anything Goes Sailor Moon

Hi I'm Rei Hino. Well not really, im actually just a decicated fan with too much free time on her hands but its not all bad just being a normal human, it has it up sides, after all I'm not out there fighting for love and justice with a hott guy..what was the up side to being a normal human again? Well anyway Sailor Moon is the most STELLER show there is! It's about a girl named Usagi/Serena that was secret powers and can turn into Sailor Moon!

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She fights with her 4 friends Rei/Sailor Mars

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Mina/Sailor Venus

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Ami/Sailor Mercury

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Lita/Sailor Jupiter

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the love of her life Darien,Tuxedo Mask, Prince Darien
and Moon Light Knight also called Mamoru and Mamo-Chan

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and her daughter in the future Reenie

Later in the series they find other scouts called the "outer scouts". Sailor Pluto is the keeper of time, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are lesbo but we dont need to get into that and and Sailor Saturn is the smallest one and shes the most mysterious and I think she was mistress 9 too

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The Story Of Sailor Moon:
One thousand years ago the universe was in total peace, a time called the Silver Millennium. The universe was run by Queen Serenity who lived in a palace in the Moon Kingdom. The Negaverse was an evil place ruled by Queen Beryl who planned to take over the universe. When she attacked the Moon Kingdom the four princesses of Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury fought against the Negaforce, they lost and 2 deaths, Prince Darien and Princess Serena, devistated Queen Serenity. Blah Blah Blah I'm sure we all know the story and if you don't, email me and I'll be glad to tell you the story and explain every detail.

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Holiday Pics all I have right now is Christmas but I'll have more later

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