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Welcome to our class page!

We are a group of fifth graders who attend school at Homer Drive Elementary in Beaumont, Texas. We are just beginning to work on our page, so check back often and expect great things!

Our School

Homer Drive Elementary

This is a picture of our school, Homer Drive Elementary. Our school is located in Beaumont, Texas.

See a map of Texas!Texas map

What We're Reading

We are currently reading the novel On My Honor by Marion Dane Bauer. It's about a boy who is dishonest and pays a high price for his dishonesty. If you have read this novel before,click on the book to e-mail us and let us know what you thought about it!
On My Honor

Picture Pages

Here are some pictures of us at work and play.

After we read the Novel Old Yeller we had a special guest who came to speak to us about animal care.

We participated in Drug Abuse Resistance Education all year and even received graduation diplomas from this program for all our hard work!

We have taken several field trips this year, including a special showing of some dancers at the Julie Rogers theater.

Student Pages

Click on a student's photo to view his or her very own web page!

Daphne Melody Shecketha

Michael Shedrick Chris Kenny

Malcolm Marqueisha Byron Cameron

News and Notes
Happy Easter!

NOTES Visit the Beaumont ISD Home Page below for this year's school calendar.

NOTES TAAS will be given on April 11 and 12!

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