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Win my Beanie Babie award

Nr.1 Nr.2 Nr.3 Nr.4 Beanie award
(Not actual size)

Win my other award here.

So you want to win my Beanie Babie award huh?Well it aint that simple.If you want to know what im looking for then check out the list i made below to see if ya got a chance.

At least one page about beanie babies on your site

Pictures are a very good thing

Signing my guestbook will make your chances of winning much higher =

Winners must link back to my main page(

What you have to write in this E-mail to win my award

Write your name

What your URL is

Your E-Mail

Write 1-3 sentences about what your website is about

And finally what award you want( nr.2) Now E-mail me here and answer these questions in in the same order they are on top.I will check your website as soon as I can.You will get an E-Mail back from me in 1-5 days that will inform you if you have won or not.

Win my other award here.

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