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Main characters from South park the movie!!

Kyle Broslofki: He's a Jew with an attitude. He has a pet Elephant, named Elephant, a brother he likes to kick named Ike, and believes in Mr. Hankey.He is also my favoirite char. from south park.

Stan Marsh: Stan is mainly the leader of the group. He has a gay dog named Sparky, a sister who beats him up named Shelly, and a Grandpa who tries to kill himself. Stan likes to make fun of Cartman, and eat Ice Cream.

Eric Cartman: He also goes by Cartman. He claims he's "big-boned," when he's really a fatass, and he has a pet pig named Fluffly, a cat named Kitty, and a mom who gives him a lot of food, and is his father as well.

Kenny McCormick: Kenny is a poor little bastard. Kenny's family is poor, and Kenny dies in every episode. Everything he says is muffled, and he never takes his hood off exept for once in the "South Park" movie.

Chef: Chef is an inspiration to the boys. He tells them about woman and making sweet love to them, and sings to them a lot, and always (Well, ALMOST always) helps out the boys.

Mrs. McCormick: Kenny's mom. Nothing much is known about her yet. She gets mad at Mr. McCormick a lot. She wears a "I'm with Stupid" shirt.

Sharon Marsh: She is Stan's Mom. She doesn't really care about much but what Stan does and says. Not much to know about her yet.

Mrs. Cartman:She is Cartman's mother, and father because she is a hermathilack, and she carries male genes as well as females, and has a d*ck. She gives Cartman whatever he wants, and she is a lot of the time a prostitute.

Shiela Broslofki: She's a B*tch, and a Stupid B*tch. She get's pissed off at everything, and hates T.V.

Ike Broslofki: Kyle's adopted brother. Ike is Canadian, so that explains why he loofs like a trash can. He gets kicked by Kyle a lot, and is called a dildo by Cartman.

Wendy Testeburger: She is Stan's sweetheart. Stan is in love with her, and Stan barfs on her a lot. She likes nature a lot, and dolphins too. She hates Cartman, and never wants Stan to be taken away.

Mr. Garrisson and Mr. Hat: Mr. Garrisson is the teacher of South Park Elementary. He acts gay, but we doesn't know yet if he is. Mr. Hat is Mr. Garrisson's sidekick, and teaches the children, but Mr. garrisson's hand is always up Mr. Hat's a$$.

Mr. Mackey: He is the school counselour. I think he has been on enough episodes to be called a "Main Charachter." He thinks drugs are bad, and tries to cheer boys up ever since his debut on A South Park Christmas.

: Terrance is the star of a Canadian show called "Terrance and Phillip," about two people who fart on other people. They have a movie that was on HBC called "Not without my Anus," and is very funny. He also has scored with Celene Dion.

Phillip: As of above, he is the other star of "Terrance and Phillip," and farts on people a lot too. He also likes to eat Craft Dinner, and help out Terrance.

Satan: The devil. Has fought with Jesus, and has a son named Damien.

Shelly Marsh: Stan's evil sister who beats Stan up. She wears head gear and hates Stan.

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