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My Pets

Welcome to my pet page.Right now I have a dog a fish and 4 mice.

My dog Max

Max is a three year old miniature dachshund and was born on the 14th of october 1999.My sis really wanted a dog and kept pestering my parents about it.So one day after we whent bowling my sis asked my dad if we could just look at dogs.My dad gave in but said that we are just gonna look at dogs but not buy one.After that we went to a near-by kennel and looked at puppies.We found a really small dog(now named Max)that we all loved a lot.The kennel owner said that one can take the dogs out into a room so once again we asked our dad and he let us take him out.After that it was easy to get him.We told our dad we really wanted him and that we will feed,walk and play with him every day.We also told him that when he was a kid he had a dachshund too.Now that our dad had played with the little puppy he said ok but that we had to ask our mom, who was at home, first.My sis quickly ran to a pay phone and called her and my mom said she didn't want anything to do with a dog but my sis who only thought of good things ran to me and my dad and said that my mom said it was ok to get a dog but she didn't wanna walk or feed it.So after that we bought Max.We drove home really happy and wanted to show our new dog to my mom and my youngest. As you can imagine my mom freaked out when she saw the dog but after a while she liked him too.So now three years later we still love him.He goes all over with us, even travels with us on planes.Because he is so small he can sit with us up in the passenger cabin.He has also travelled to Florida in a motorhome with us.

If you want to go to one of my fav. Dachshund Websites then click here

My Goldfish

My Goldfish named just "Goldfish" was once again an unexpected pet.I think he is 6 years old.I got him when I was in second grade.I was being driven home by my friend when on the way they stopped at a pet store.They bought some fish and asked me if I wanted some.I said sure and they bought me a goldfish or two.I dont remember.So then when I got home my mom and dad had no idea what to do with the fish so they put them in a bowl for the night and wanted to buy an aquarium the next day.After they put the fish in the bowl I remembered seeing sand at the bottom of aquariums.I ran outside to my sandbox got a bucket of sand and dumped it into the bowl of water with the fish.My mom then walked in and saw what I was doing and took the fish out of the bowl and put them in a different one.The next day we got an Aquarium and placed it in my room.That night my mom and my dad went out to eat and me and my 3 sis and a babysitter staid home.We were in the room under mine because the tv was there.After a while we noticed that by a glass door to the patio there was water comming in.We all thought that the window was just not totally water proof because it was raining outside.After a movie I went upstairs into my room and saw that my whole room was wet.The aquarium had a crack and the water we saw running down the window was the aquarium water leaking through the floor.The aquarium had about one inch of water left and once again the fish had to go in a bowl (but this time without the sand).We once again had to buy an aquarium but this time it didn't break.

My Mice

going to be done soon

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