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Welcome to my Friend page.Here I write about some of my friends.

Lucas B.

  • Lucas is one of my good friends and has been at my school since kindergarten.He is 2 months older and about one head taller than I.He always goes to the beach wich i think is really annoying. = He's dad is in some kind of army thing but does not have a the fighing position but kind of an army office job.There are a mill. of army stores were you get everything totally cheap because they charge only as much as they paid themselves for it.


    Julia R.

  • Julia is really funny.She also goes to my school and likes to draw and take photos.She also likes to make websites.She knows just about everything there is to know about it.Well....maybe almost everything.Let's just say she knows how to make a good website in 1 hour.If you want to go look at one of her websites then click here: Julias Homepage
    If you want to know more about Julia click here


    Mandy W.

  • Mandy is in the 7th grade and I have known her for about 2 years.She is really nice to have as a friend and is really funny.She has a big house and a big back yard and also a nice room.She likes to ride her horses that are really close by her house and throw tele tubbys in trees.

    Anna R.

  • Anna....well i don't quite know what to write about her right now but she told me a quote so I guess I'll just write that. Quote: "Our world is becoming more materialistic,we are starting to buy things we don't need to impress people we don't like."

    Sabine B

  • Sabine is very nice and has been in my class for about 2 or three years.She likes to go to concerts, go shopping or go to the movies but most of all she likes to dance like Britney Spears(j/k =).She told me she ~wants~ 2 golden retrievers, 3 cats, a guinea pig and a rat.Of course there is always the chance that she could be joking. z

    Eric L.

  • Eric moved here this summer from China but he is originally from Germany.He is really funny and likes wolves.He also likes basketball,playstation and, sorry to say, hacking and programming too.



  • Mark also came to America this summer and sofar he is a really nice guy.He likes turtles but I am not sure if he has one.He also likes model cars, hockey and almost all kinds of music.


    Nikolas L.

  • Nicolas is probably the best student in my class and...right a nice guy too.He has been here for a long time but sadly is going away this year.Some of the things he likes are cars,golfing,video-games and all kinds of music.


  • Sebastian is a very nice person whom I met in Austria.He lives in Wien which i find really cool because you can get all over with the metro.

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