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Hey all, As you can see I added a lot of new stuff, but if your new here what this website is... is basically my Rèsumè (with some stuff to help me make my website better). I'm a Rising Actor in need of some agent out there.

Yeah thats me alright
My Rèsumè: Appeared on T.V.(News) twice in life and was Interviewed in one. Was in the Newspaper twice in life,(one is when I sat next to a Senator) Stared in a Play (Christmas Carol)as the Leading Actor, Ebenezer Scrooge. Stared in the HighSchool Play,(Mouse that Roared as an Assistant/Page/Man) . I also was in the UIL One Act play (that made it all the way to Area)The Fifth Sun as a Salvadoran/Organizer. I was in the highschool play (Charlie and the chocolate factory as Grandpa joe). And in a childrens play(Treasure Island as Cap'n Patches), also stared in an I don't presentation as a dancing cigarette, and in the UIL one act play One flew over the cuckoos nest as Antony Martini, and in the musical Pirates of Penzance as a police officer, also was in Frankenstien slept here, I played the werewolf and I am Enrolled in the Magnet Program(Scholarship thingy). I'm also involed with the Thespian Club and the Dance society as well as choir, but the list goes on about how many organizations I am in so if wish to know more just email me.

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If you want to ask anything, I MEAN anything Email me (by clicking on the mail box)... with the SUBJECT starting "ANGELFIRE MAIL"... or I will delete it considering it porn or something.