The 50's HARD PLASTIC 8" Dolls - Strung and Walkers: Part II

Presented by Janlee48

*This information is based on personal observation, reference books, and with great appreciation to Carol Stover!
She has done some wonderful research which she bases on MIB dolls.

Now we get into the confusing part! I'm not going to go into all the different dolls as it would take much too long! The two most common "clones" are Pam and Lucy. There is really only one true way to tell them apart: by the arm hooks.

There was also a Pam ballerina, identical to Pam except for her feet, which are pointed like a ballet dancer. They also produced one called Ninette which I have never seen. Pam has the tubular or "peg" type arm hook. Usually, these arms are of a lighter color plastic than the rest of the doll. They have separated fingers. The material feels softer, almost like a hard vinyl, than the plastic used for Lucy arms.

VIRGA - unmarked - Lucy
(African-American, Hawaiian, or Native American "clones" are usually Virgas)
Such "dolls of color" are less common and rather rare - they generally bring a much higher price on today's market than their light-colored equivalents. Lucy, made by Virga, has a typical "C" shaped arm hook. The third and fourth fingers on the hand are molded together and slightly bent inward. The plastic is hard and matches the color of the rest of the doll.
    ***A black Lucy has been found with separate fingers.

Pictured here are a Pam and a Lucy. As you can see, their faces are identical, but look closely at the arms. See how one's match the color of the rest of the doll while the other's are lighter?
I chose these also to show you the pointed toes of the Pam ballerina. Other Pams/Lucys have molded on T-strap shoes.

There's an easy way to remember who's who in the Pam/Lucy world. It is so simple that I'm feeling silly that I didn't think of it earlier.

Just think of "Pam = "Peg" Hook (Pam/Peg)" and "Lucy = "C" Hook (Lu "C")"!

This pic is to show you Pam's and Lucy's bodies versus another clone type on the far right which may be a GiGi or one of many other possibilities. (Ignore the lighter colored doll on the far left for now!)

See how much rounder the heads, especially the cheeks, of the Pam/Lucy are compared to the one on the far right? This straight leg doll is one you will often see listed as a Pam or Lucy, but the face is narrower, and the structure of her legs is different. She is also frequently seen with jointed knees.

Now, we move on to the lighter colored hard plastic doll on the far left. I just got this doll the other day and don't have a clue who or what she is as I've never seen one like her, have you? She looks like an MA clone to me! She is marked on her back with what looks like a small torch, the numbers 6022, and made in Hong Kong. She is strung, and her hard plastic is lighter in color and weight than the other "clone types". The plastic is lower quality, and this might not even be from the 50's. If you know who she is - let me know! Her arm hook looks somewhat like the Ginger hook, but not exactly. It's more rounded, yet not a "C" hook either.

One of the fun, sometimes frustrating, things about collecting these dolls is the mystery. My philosophy has become one of "The more I find out, the more I realize I don't know!" There are many more clones, but to discuss them all would take us forever! Since most of the companies used parts from the same companies, AND the parts companies also issued dolls under their own brand names, absolute identification is nearly impossible unless the dolls are MIB.

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The End! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!