ID Dolls By Their Faces



These are 4 Ideal "Toni" sizes, and also shows some of the hair colors available. Due to my terminal dumbness, I passed up a brunette P94 at an antique show years ago. Oh, how we remember...

...the fish that got away! The P93 is the only one that is original. P90, P91, P92 (walker),and P93.

These are some variations using the Ideal Toni molds.

The Sara Ann is the only one with an original dress. The three on the left are all P91 size, but the young lady with the mohair wig wouldn't take off her roller skates.

1. Sara Ann with saran wig. Ideal sold these for a little less than the Tonis since they did not have to pay for the Toni license.

2. I call this doll a pre-Toni. Her mohair wig is original, and her eyes are really a better quality (more glass-like) than those used in the Toni dolls.

3. A "Mary Hartline" with the extra makeup and curly blond wig. The "Miss Curity" also had the exaggerated makeup, but with a different style wig.

4. The last doll has a vinyl head and I believe she is "Beth". The "Princess Mary" also had the vinyl head, but she was a walker, and this one is strung. She is the P92 size.

This is one of my most unusual dolls---she may never have been marketed.

The hard plastic is embossed Made in USA/170. Patent marks stamped in red on the side of the body and head read "PAT 2,5 (rest illegible) Other Patents Pending". Stamped in red on the neck is "R Nov 26 1952". There is a knob on the side of the head that can be depressed, and a long strand of hair coming out of a slot in the back of the head. Perhaps an early grow-hair doll? She has many Ideal characteristics, but I don't know who could have made her. I need to work on her hair, but hesitate to get water in the openings---she also has teeth and a felt tongue. I should restring her anyway because her hooks are rusty, so will do it then. Right now she'll remain a "work in progress".

For all of you that are particularly fond of the hard plastic dolls I got a new book this year that I really like. It's called "Dolls and Accessories of the 1950s" by Dian Zillner. There are many colored pictures of original dolls---quite a few by the more obscure makers like "Belle", Roberta", etc. I have 5 or 6 hard plastic dolls that were probably marketed by these companies, but didn't include them in this program because without tags I couldn't positively id them.

This next group is what I call "Cissy" clones.

1. This is a genuine Madame Alexander "Cissy", 20" tall, hard plastic with vinyl arms, all original, marked ALEXANDER on back of her head.

2. A Horsman "Cindy Couturier", 19", vinyl head, jointed at elbows, all original, marked HORSMAN on neck.

3. Uneeda "Dollikins", 19", vinyl head, hard plastic body with 16 joints, all original, marked UNEEDA/2S on head.

4. Uneeda, 20", vinyl head, hard plastic body jointed at waist and knees, original bride dress. I think this doll is prettier than the "Dollikins", but it is probably an optical illusion since they have the same head mold (it is also marked 2S). The "Dollikins" head always seemed a little large for the body, and the head looks better on the taller doll. Laurie (the enchantress) helped me find some 19" dolls with this same mark and without the "Dollikins" joints, but she is definitely 20". The "Candy Fashion" doll by Deluxe Reading is also in this category, but I forgot to load her.

These are some different sizes (not all) of the Ideal "Miss Revlon".

The first two are original. All are vinyl and have twist waists.

1. 20", marked IDEAL DOLL VT-20 on head.

2. 18",marked IDEAL DOLL VT-18 on head.

3. 17". This doll is definitely shorter, but I'm not sure if she is the elusive "17" doll or not. She is marked VT-18 like the previous doll. I have her box and clothes, and she is the basic model in the black lacy undies. She had been beautifully redressed by her previous owner.

4. 15", marked IDEAL DOLL on head, IDEAL/15/N on body.

I consider these doll Revlon "clones". All are vinyl.

1. "Lilo" by Royal, 19", twist waist, all original with tag and box, marked 14R. So many companies marketed the 14R dolls, that they are nearly impossible to id without tags or boxes.

2. 19", stuffed vinyl body with no joints at hip, original bride dress, marked "27 Plaything". This doll's chin is not really as much lighter as the camera shows. I had not noticed it before I took this picture.

3. The 18" Miss Revlon for comparison.

4."Grace", a "Luv-able Skin Doll" by Eegee, 18", stuffed vinyl without hip joints, all original, marked EEGEE H18. She is pictured in the first volume of Patricia Smith's "Modern Collector's Dolls".

These are the last ones. I'm sorry I've been so "wordy". A retired bureaucrat, you know. These are two "mystery" dolls.

1. 22-1/4" Horsman, stuffed vinyl, not jointed at hips, all original, marked HORSMAN on head. This is a lovely large doll, but I have never seen her identified in any books. Of course, it doesn't help that I don't have a good Horsman reference book.

2. This doll is undoubtedly foreign made. It was purchased (according to auction) in England, but my English doll book doesn't id her. She is 20" hard plastic---a head turning walker, unmarked, flirty eyes with molded lashes. This is an unusual feature on a doll this size. She borrowed a housecoat for the picture.

3. This is a 21" hard plastic R&B walker shown for comparison of the faces.

I have individual close-ups of most of these faces, so if anyone would like one, just "E" me; my userid on eBay is patkan. Thank you for your patience.