ID Dolls By Their Faces



This is another series of 14" hard plastic dolls.

1. R&B "Nanette", all original, saran wig, marked but too faint to read.

2. Mary Hoyer, home-made clothes, mohair, marked Mary Hoyer in circle. There are many hard plastic dolls using the Hoyer face mold that are unmarked or just marked with the circle. Some of these may be the Richwood "Cindy Lou".

3. Madame Alexander, "Margaret" face but no original clothes, replaced human hair wig, marked but too faint to read (the Margaret mold is my favorite MA). And for comparison, another 14/Made in USA, saran wig.

For all you MA "Maggie" lovers, I have included this Madame Alexander "Maggie", 14", redressed.

And more hard plastics---

1. Effanbee "Honey Bridesmaid", all original, floss wig, 14", marked EFFANBEE on back.

2. American Character "Sweet Sue", walker, saran hair rooted in vinyl cap, all original, 15", unmarked with jointed knees.

3. Horsman "Cindy", mohair wig, all original, 15-1/2", marked HORSMAN on neck. Horsman named various dolls "Cindy" and variations thereof. Something like their "Bright Star" group.

4. This is a mystery doll I've never been able to id. She has a lovely "matte" finish, unlike your usual shiny hard plastic. She is 15-1/2" and totally unmarked (not original dress). When I first got her, I thought she was a "Cindy", but after I found a real one I could see the difference. Her saran wig is in the original set.

These are larger hard plastics, still from around the 1950s; 18" tall.

1. This is a "Nancy Ann Style Show", but she has been redressed. These dolls are unmarked and the same mold was used by various companies, including Mary Hoyer for her "Gigi", and Mollye Goldman for some of the dolls she dressed. The only reason I'm sure this is a Nancy Ann is that she was wearing a dress (unfortunately in bad repair) that I was able to id. The other two dolls I have from this same mold I haven't a clue. She has a lovely original dynel wig.

2. Madame Alexander "Margaret" face. This is an original tagged dress, but I haven't been able to id it in any book as yet. Her wig is mohair, and she is marked (very faintly) on the back of her neck.

3. This is the first version of the American Character "Sweet Sue", tagged and boxed. She is unmarked, with a mohair wig. This doll was also made in composition, and I've seen the same mold used for dolls that were dressed by Mollye Goldman under her label.

  For those of you who may not know, Mollye Goldman was a designer of clothes, not dolls. She bought "blanks" from various makers and dressed them and sold them under her label. You can find a great variety of different dolls with her beautiful, tagged, outfits.

4. This is the later, more common, version of the American Character "Sweet Sue". She is a "walker". Most of the Sweet Sues were unmarked, but they can usually be id'd by their faces alone. This one is all original, with saran wig (not skullcap) in original set. She does not have the jointed knees. I may be wrong, but I believe the Sweet Sues with the jointed knees and skullcap type rooted hair are a little later than the wigged ones without the extra joints.

And on we go. More hard plastics in the larger sizes.

1. Arranbee (R&B) Nancy Lee/Nanette, all original, mohair wig, 21", marked R & B on head.

2. Eugenia Personality Pla-mate "Carolyn", 17-1/2", all original tagged dress, mohair wig (more about these dolls later).

3. Eugenia "Barbara", all original, mohair wig, 19".

4. American Character "Sweet Sue", walker, not jointed at knees, saran wig, clothes?, 21".

These are 3 sizes of the "Personality Pla-mates" made by Eugenia for Montgomery Ward.

There was a very good article about the Eugenia dolls, by Ursula Mertz, in the Jun/Jul 1997 "Doll Reader". They were made at about the time of the switch from composition to hard plastic---the 1948 Montgomery Ward catalog shows the two larger dolls in hard plastic and the smaller one in composition (she was later made in hard plastic). I haven't seen any indication that the larger dolls were made in composition, even though I won one described as composition. The feathered eyebrows and the way the lashes are painted are very distinctive. They all have very lovely, thick, mohair wigs. Eugenia made other dolls in addition to the "Personality Pla-Mate" series. Andy (Unicorn) has a beautiful, boxed example. All of these are hard plastic and unmarked. The catalog actually lists the larger sizes as 18" and 20", but I think that may be a little seller hyperbole.

1. "Barbara", 19", all original.

2. "Carolyn", 17-1/2".

3."Sandra", 15-1/2", all original.

I didn't like the attitude of "Sandra" in the last picture, so here is a close-up.

You may be able to see the feathered eyebrows and the way the lashes are painted.

End Part Two