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 The March 29th ride reached whole new levels of CriticalMassdom!   Check out the pictures then hit the history page for the play-by-play!


Notice:  Seeing as how Lubbock is so very leave-able on the weekends, we have shifted our perminant day to the last WEDNESDAY of every month (with an option for every other Wednesday...)


    As those of you who live in Lubbock, Texas know, this place is not exactly what one would call bike-friendly, liberal, or activist.  This is a bad combination when one is trying to start up a movement such as Critical Mass.   However, we shall remain undaunted in our pursuit of cycling excellence!  I hope you will take a look throughout this site, see what it has to offer, provide feedback, but most of all - SHOW UP!!!  Its never to late to start getting ready for the next ride!

    And while you are getting pumped up about the fact that something activist has arrived in Lubbock, be sure to check out the links to the left - they have lots of good information, and should help you on your quest to becoming a master Critical Masser!


The next rideWednesday, May 3rd

Where: TTU Rec. Center (north lot)

When: 5:15pm (meet) 5:30pm (leave)


Lets keep the wheels a' rollin' - it takes a little work, so tell a friend, tell another friend, bring four or five friends...   Bring anything you feel like to hand out to automobiles or people we pass.   There is no wrong reason to ride in Critical Mass.


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