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"Angels may not dress the part, with robes and wings that soar;
Often angels come as friends, knocking at your door."

This Page Is Dedicated To My Son And Daughter
Who Grew Up To Be Very Special Angels

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My son spent many hours, winter and summer, playing with his friends
at this park near our home. This creek, along with a petting zoo,
was quite an attraction for the children in our neighborhood. This
picture was taken in February, 1980, and shows Jaytee in what may
have been one of few serene moments in the life of a 16-year-old.

My daughter enjoyed this scene while horseback riding in Colorado
during a vacation in February, 2000. After being born and raised
in Colorado, we now have to "vacation" there to enjoy it's beauty.

(I couldn't resist this, Vik)


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