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"Angels may not dress the part, with robes and wings that soar;
Often angels come as friends, knocking at your door."


The photo on this page was taken by April Gillmore while on vacation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Thank you and God bless you, April.

Because of it's length, you can best view this photo if your screen area display is set at 800X600. For those not familiar with this procedure - You can reset by clicking on My Computer, Control Panel, Display, Setting, then Screen Area.

Seven Falls
Photo By April Gillmore

According to information from the Seven Falls Company, a tourist agency, Seven Falls is located just minutes from downtown Colorado Springs and is open year-round. From mid-May to mid-September, the entire canon is illuminated with lights to show off the granite walls and seven water falls.

"Seven Falls has been called the 'Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado.' Seven Falls, located in South Cheyenne Canyon, highlights seven separate falls as they splash and tumble 181 feet down a sheer granite cliff. Next to the falls, a 224-step stairway leads to a mile-long nature trail and a panoramic overlook of both Colorado Springs and the plains of eastern Colorado. Wildlife is present everywhere including hummingbirds, rainbow trout and the rare American Dipperl that nest beneath waterfalls. A mountain elevator cut into the granite cliff transports visitors to the "Eagles Nest" observation platform for a spectacular view of the Falls."

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