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"Angels may not dress the part, with robes and wings that soar;
Often angels come as friends, knocking at your door."


Welcome to my Colorado pages, where I share some beautiful mountain scenery.
I was born and raised in Colorado and I appreciate and love this part of our great country.
I miss it very much and these pages of scenery are a form of my sentimental journey.
I hope you enjoy these photos and return often to check for new ones!

I have placed only one or two photos on each page because photos take a while to load.
Click the refresh button if the photo does not load completely.
I hope you will agree that it will be worth the short wait. Thank You!

This first photo was taken by George Stocking
in the Gunnison National Forest

This second photo is of the Colorado River
in Rocky Mountain National Park
(Thank you, Dolores, for sending us this picture)

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