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"Angels may not dress the part, with robes and wings that soar;
Often angels come as friends, knocking at your door."


I do not quote statistics because, I believe, it is difficult for anyone to personalize numbers and, where children are concerned, I believe we need to "feel" the importance of keeping them safe. "One" is as important a number as are the many thousands who are reported as abused, abandoned, exploited, abducted, etc. Numbers, too often, can be overwhelming and give the impression that the problem belongs to "someone else". I urge you to try to bring the numbers down to "one" and search your heart to find a way to help children to have the kind of life they deserve. You can choose to support individuals and/or groups who are working to stop abuse and/or abduction of children. Please visit the sites I am supporting and let them know you appreciate their efforts. Thank You!


The following site provides a wonderful opportunity to "be an angel" - Please click on the "Make A Child Smile" graphic to visit a wonderful site that provides pictures and information on children with severe, chronic, life-threatening illnesses. You are provided with names and addresses and a request to send cards to the children. It is hard to describe the benefits to the child that a greeting card can provide. These children and their families are enduring painful lives and deserve the support, encouragement and joy that a greeting card represents.

Please visit the children's page maintained by the Hendersonville, Tennessee, Police Department.
I was so happy to see that this Police Department cared enough about children
to take the time to put this type of resource for children on the internet.

I am so saddened to find that there are cases of abuse resulting in the deaths of many children and, more shockingly, killed by parents, guardians or caretakers. As this motivates me to work harder to help stop abuse, I am hoping the information you will find when you read the actual accounts of abuse and death of children affects you in a similar fashion. I hope it touches hearts to become better informed and motivated to become involved in finding a solution to this problem.

The following site - Little Angels In Heaven - provides such information and invites site owners to "adopt" an angel and place on their sites to further disseminate this information. See my adopted angels after the webring banner.

Click on the angel to visit the Little Angels In Heaven site.

Little Angels in Heaven is honored to have this site as part of our webring
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As a way to give my support to efforts of the Little Angels In Heaven site, I have "adopted" guardian angels for four little angels in heaven
As a way to give my support to efforts of the Little Angels In Heaven site, I have "adopted" guardian angels for four little angels in heaven
- four children who died as a result of abuse -
In my heart, I would like to prepare you - to cushion the impact - but I don't know how to do this. Your caring about child abuse is appreciated and I thank you for what you have already done in showing your interest to gain more knowledge.

Following, are buttons that represent actual children. When you click on each button, you will be directed to the page at the Little Angels In Heaven site that has the specific information about each child.