Rants and Raves

Come one, come all! Listen to my many complaints and raves about our world!!


Why must people use obscene words!!? I don't understand it when they could just as easily insert some other, kinder word.

Ahhhhh! Just the word is enought to scare you into hiding from the rest of the world!! Why must people feel that they need to be tied down to one person when they're 15-16 years old? I will never understand that. You give your heart to a guy/girl (whatever the case may be) and eventually you get hurt. You have to break up with them someday. Why not just not hook up with anyone at all and that way you don't risk anything. Dating around is a lot more fun. More memories, more learning experiences, and you're not TIED DOWN!!!

Brothers' soul purpose on this Earth is to annoy the heck out of you!! THAT'S IT!! Nothing good...all bad.

The Hallways
Ahhhh! The pain! The horror! If you go to a big high school like I do, you know what I'm talking about. People. Too many people. I call them "the great unwashed masses". And it just so happens that all my classes are opposite of eacother, on the exact opposite side of the building. Noting how I don't have much time to get to class, the lucky people who have classes close to eachother STAND in the hallways in huge clusters, talking. I still haven't quite pinpointed what they talk about, but the point is they STAND THERE and don't MOVE. They clog up the hallways and they don't quite understand that some people NEED TO GET TO CLASS and can't afford another tardy. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! MOVE!

and those are my rants.