How much do you know about blink182? Test your knowledge here... click on the answer you think is right, and keep track of how many you got right. If you guess wrong, you can try again, but count it as if you missed it!

Question 1

What is Blink's first full-length album?

- Buddha
- Cheshire Cat
- Dude Ranch
- Enema of the State

Question 2

Who was Scott Raynor?

- manager of Blink
- the person who writes blink's songs
- blink's old drummer
- one of the backstreet boys

Question 3

What was the last song on the Buddha re-release?

- Don't
- Depends
- What's My Age Again?
- My Pet Sally

Question 4

Well I guess it all depends, _____!

- depends
- undergarments
- round and rooouuund
- underwear

Question 5

Who's the lead singer of blink?

- they don't have one
- Mark
- Tom
- Travis

Question 6

"My Pet Sally" is a....

- dog
- person
- fish
- salamander

Question 7

Mark manages which band?

- Jimmy Eat World
- Blink-183
- FenixTX
- 98 degrees

Question 8

What is Blink's mascot?

- an eye
- a bunny
- a buzzard
- a bull

Question 9

What category best describes Blink?

- crappy punk rock
- punk
- rock
- crappy

Question 10

Who rocks?

- backstreet boys
- the beatles
- blink-182, of course!
- me, because I made this awesome blink page!

Now total up how many you missed (no cheating)! If you got...

10 wrong>> you're pathetic

9 wrong>> you call yourself a fan?!

8 wrong>> leave this page immediately!

7 wrong>> you need to do some research, dude

6 wrong>> ahh... coulda done worse, eh?

5 wrong>> average. still not good enough for my standards.

4 wrong>> okay... you could do better

3 wrong>> nice work

2 wrong>> spiffy, dude!!!

1 wrong>> you know your blink!

0 wrong>> A CERTIFIED BLINK FAN! you go, dude! you may now walk proudly and boast to everyone that you're a REAL fan... show 'em who rocks, dude! YEAH!

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