A Little Bit Of History...

Soon this part will include history of Blink182... but for now I just have a little bit...

Who Is Blink182?

Tom>> Thomas DeLonge was born on December 13, 1975. He's the singer/guitar player for blink.

Mark>> Markus Allen Hoppus is the bass player and singer for blink. He was born March 15, 1972. His favorite bands are Jimmy Eat World and Riverfenix (otherwise known as FenixTX, which he now manages). He lives in Carmel Mountain Ranch, CA.

Travis>> Travis Landon Barker is the drummer for blink. Some of you guys might be a little slow and think that Scott is still the drummer... but... ummm... sorry. Scott left a long time ago, for reasons no one really knows for sure. Some say there was friction in the band and he got kicked out, others say he chose to leave on his own. The world may never know. I miss Scott *sniff sniff* Well anyway back to Travis... he was born November 14, 1975. He now resides in Riverside, CA.

Why 182?

Everyone has their own idea of how blink182 got the number in their name. Nobody knows for sure, because the band has decided not to tell. They think "it adds to the mystery of the band". Well, us blink fans don't like mysteries. We want to know. now. Well, i'm sorry, but i can't tell you how they got the number, because i don't know myself. I can tell you, though, why they had to get a number in the first place. Way back when, Blink182 was just known as Blink. That's it. No number. Well, a band in Ireland also had the same name, so they threatened to file a lawsuit. Being the smart little boys that blink are, they decided to just add the number. Why did they choose 182? Nobody knows.

Why is Blink Best? (aka my cheesy list)

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