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Barb's Links

A great place to pick up some Looney Tunes Avatars for VP

Looney Tune House
I'm partial to the Blues, hear some of my favorites.
Texas Twist Juke Box
This is a trip we made to Padre Island years ago.
Where did the time go?
At Play on the Beach
Another avatar page
TexasTwist Mega Avatars

~ More Cool Links~
Absolutely Joes Place,,, Lots of great links here.
Diane's Web Designs,,, Another great links page.

~Virtual Places Essentials~
Links Galore for Virtual Places,,,Cool site with html, java script,and applet tutorials. Too much to list here.

check out the links at LINKS GALORE!!
Our Virtual Places Zone,,, Find Every Thing You Need To Know About VP here!!! Click on Help
The Avatar Factory
Avatar Unlimited
The Gestures Hunter's Page

Need some games for VP???
Cats Game Room

Here are links to rooms to play your games in.
Diane's Backgammon Den
Old VP Game Club
Pixie's VP Game Room
Lizard Lounge

~Friends Links~

Sherwood Retreat,,, You have to check this one out!

Di's Taste of Texas and More

KyRa's Links Page

~Music Links~
Tweet Music
Patchy's Doo Wop Drive In

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