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What Is An Apostolic Pentecostal?

An Apostolic Pentecostal is a person that believes The Bible to be the inspired Word of God and lives their life according to the Bible, believes and practices the original beliefs and practices of the of the disciples and apostles described in the books of the New Testament.

Now People would look at this and say. "Well, that's exactly what I believe" ...But are you sure? We live in an age that has many, many Religious Beliefs. To help understand this go through the entire Apostolic Bible Study Described in this site. You will learn to understand just what happened to the some of the beliefs of the disciples in the yr. 325 A.D., and hopefully you will get a better understanding of what Jesus would like for us to know.

I'm praying for those that come to this site that they will have an open mind and a desire to learn more about God. I encourage those of you that go through this Bible Study, to pray before reading the sections, that God will help you to understand what is being said.