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The Manifestations Leading To Christ

Up until the year 325 A.D. the things described all through this site were practiced by the disciples and the apostles. They understood it and lived it day by day. Apostolic Pentecostals have found this message to be very true and also try to live as the disciples did in their days. Also trying to develop a very close relationship with God.

What I would like to explain to you through this Bible Study is help you understand the oneness of God and try to clear up for you, What actually happened to the church through time. And that you would realize that there was a change that happened inside the church. I am trying to include as much history as I can, so you can see that what is being said is true.

From time to time people have often wondered the mystery behind the Godhead. I would like help you today to better understand this concept. I'll start from the beginning, which is always a good place to start. We know that from the beginning people have wanted to know God's name and who he was.

Many times God manifested himself to his people. (or in other words to be made known) The first recorded time was when God walked with Adam and Eve in the garden...Gen. 3:8. The second was in ...Gen. 32 when Jacob wrestled with God until daybreak for his blessing..Many have said it was an angel that he wrestled with but in verse 30 Jacob referring to the man said "I have seen God face to face".

The next times are with Moses as he talks to God as God shows himself as a burning bush..Exodus 3, and also in the presents of God while God was writing the Ten Commandments...Exodus 20. Next in Exodus 40:38 shows that when the Tabernacle was finished God also appeared as a cloud over the tent and his glory filled the tabernacle. A Cloud by day, and fire by night.

Now the last I would like to mention in this section is in Daniel 3:24-25. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego were thrown into a furnace, but untouched by the flames. A counsellor of Nebuchadnezzar had told the him that four not three were loosed in the furnace walking about and in no harm. The fourth he said was like the Son of God.

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