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Month Long Program on the 7 Day Fast

This Fast is going to exist over a 4-5 week period. To help build yourself up for the 7 day fast and how to come off of it.

Week One:
To begin with the first week should be fairly easy unless this is your first time fasting. But to start off pick a day in the first week and fast that day. Usually best to start on a Monday.

Week Two:
The Second Week in the fast, Do not eat any Fried Foods and all Meats. Give yourself a couple of days to break off from all Caffeine as well during this week. At least be off Caffeine by Wednesday.

Week Three:
The Third Week is broken into smaller parts. Monday through Wednesday we add no Candy, Cookies or Carbonated Drinks. Thursday through Sunday we add no Salt, Pepper, or any heavy seasoning, also take out all dairy products with the exception to some milk with cereal. And Saturday and Sunday add no breads as well.

The remaining Menu should look something like this:
Cereal (Wheat, whole grain, bran, corn). No Sugar.
Fruit, condensed soup, moderate portion of vegtables
Nuts, raisins, rice are ok.
Drink Water, juice or V8.
If you drink V8 space it out through the day.

Week Four:
Water only. Try to Cut away from all worldy entertainment and READ, READ, READ, and STUDY, STUDY, STUDY your bibles. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY some more.

Week Five:
Sunday Night or Monday morning eat some condensed soups, and drink some juices or milk. Later may be some light cereals or noodles. WARNING!! Do not try to eat a normal meal for a couple of days. After a week the stomach goes into a sleep mode from no food being in it. Monday and Tuesday try eating some moderate portions of vegetables and soups. Use you own judgment. I usually eat the Cambles Vegetarian Vegetable soups for a couple of days. Also Fish or light chicken are good meats to brake a fast but try holding off till at least Monday night.

Some Guidelines For Fasting:

1. Allow yourself time to "peak". Your first two or three days will be a struggle, But I can assure you from personal experience and the testimony of others, after the third day, the hunger subsides, and your energy increases. After the third day of your fast you will have broken the "social" need for food and you will actually begin to feel very good. I promise you, you're not going to die from a week. The body doesn't actually even begin to go into starvation until 25 - 45 days without food. It's actually the social hunger we fight.

2. Drink only water as a general rule. To deviate from this does not mean you are not fasting. There are scriptural references where fasting was abstaining from certain foods or drinking only certain liquids.

3. If you cannot, for medical reasons, fast; then you should strive during this time to increase your prayer life. Dedicate certain hours every day to read your Bible. You may consider going on a strict diet of only certain foods. The Hebrew boys in Daniel stuck to a strict diet of "Pulse" and "Water" (Pulse was a type of porridge made of beans or herbs.) Don't feel condemned about whatever degree of fasting you are able to pursue. Better a partial fast than no fast at all, as long as you see the true purpose of the fast and seek to crucify the flesh and seek the spirit through prayer and re-dedication.

4. Schedule times of prayer, Bible reading and study. It would be very good to make a list of things you need to accomplish during the fast - the areas of your life that you need victory in or persons you can intercede for - and bring that list into your prayer time.

5. Read spiritually stimulating materials.

6. It would be good to make a diary of your fast to encourage you on future fasts. Write down your feelings, how hungry you are, how you are feeling spiritually, how your prayer has been.

7. Don't "flirt" with food - you could lose. Stay away from it as much as possible during the first three days.

8. Use mouth spray - not gum or mints - to prevent bad breath. They have sugar in them and this will increase your desire for food (even sugar-free types are not advised)

9. Get plenty of rest. You may tire easily the first few days.

10. Contrary to popular belief, you can work and fast. Activity actually tends to suppress hunger. Light exercise and walking will do much to invigorate you.

11. Drink at least six glasses of water a day. Your body has an automatic tendency to reduce the amount of water it releases if it does not receive an adequate supply of fresh water. Often times headaches and hunger are relieved by drinking water. In fact, drinking warm water can relieve cramping and nausea. If necessary flavor the water with honey or lemon.

12. You may get colder more easily while fasting, so dress warmly.

13. Fasting has a tendency to lower the blood pressure. After fasting for a few days, avoid rising quickly as it may cause you to feel faint.

14. Last of all, and probably most important, you are not fasting to prove you can "make it." You are fasting to give yourself time to pursue the spirit. Do what you can do and let it be an experience you can build on. Anything you can do to increase the spirit in your life is a step in the direction of victory.

Scriptures on Fasting:

Matthew 6:16-18
Luke 18:12
Matthew 15:32
Matthew 17:19-21

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