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The Idiots of Instant Messaging

It seems every time I sign into AOL Instant Messenger, I get some idiot who wants to flirt, cyber sex, or something of that nature. I have changed my profile many times, but I still get them. Now I find it humorous. First, this is what my profile reads:

I am happily married and have a newborn daughter,
so don't I/M me if all you want is to flirt. If you I/M me,
you better have a genuine interest and not just
goofing around. I don't have time for childish games
or to sit around and chat with people I don't know.

These are the types of idiots I get:

RdWngs7: hi
ANoelleF: hello
RdWngs7: u like to flirt
RdWngs7: and your married
ANoelleF: you need to re-read
RdWngs7: what
RdWngs7: oh
RdWngs7: bye

DeepblueBB: hi andrea
DeepblueBB: how are you??
DeepblueBB: are you busy right now??
ANoelleF: hello ... fine ... kinda .... did you need something specific?
DeepblueBB: what can you give me??
ANoelleF: what do you mean?
DeepblueBB: what do you want from me??
ANoelleF: i don't want anything from you. you i/med me. remember?
DeepblueBB: remember what?
ANoelleF: what do you want?
DeepblueBB: i want to spend some time with you..
DeepblueBB: very intimate..haha
WARN (increased to 20%)

CasualtyNo1: have you ever been tied down and tickled?
WARN (increase to 20%)

Usman2169: hi
Usman2169: how r you
ANoelleF: hello ... fine
Usman2169: your hobbies?
ANoelleF: they are on my profile
Usman2169: ok
Usman2169: have you pics?
ANoelleF: not to share
Usman2169: i am your friend for long time time when lamp burning low
ANoelleF: what does that mean?
Usman2169: i am your friend
ANoelleF: my friend from ......?
Usman2169: india
ANoelleF: you must be mistaken. i don't have any friends from india.
Usman2169: i am your new friend
Usman2169: can you make friendship with me
ANoelleF: i don't need any new friends
Usman2169: ok
Usman2169: as you wish
ANoelleF: it is what i wish
Usman2169: i tell you becoz i have no friend
ANoelleF: yeah, ok .... well that is your prob ...
Usman2169: ok

MisureCanada: hey can u do me a favour?
ANoelleF: prolly not
MisureCanada: :-(
MisureCanada: alright nm
(I have no idea who this guy is. What makes him think I will do him any favors?)

Idiots of I/M
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