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Here is a brief overview of my life:

I was born in Houston, but grew up in Baytown. I graduated from Ross S. Sterling High School in 1991. Living in Baytown was fun for awhile, but there comes a time when we all must leave the Armpit of Texas.

During my college career, I attended Lee College for awhile, but finally graduated from San Jacinto College. I have an Associates of Applied Science degree in Office Administration. Among many other small certificates I earned while there, I also earned a Certificate of Technology in Office Administration and Certificate of Specialization in Accounting.

I have worked for many places in my professional working career which began in 1994. These are a couple of companies I have worked for that have web pages:

Tuboscope - Purchasing Assistant

Hernandez Engineering - Human Resources Specialist

I began working for Van Kampen Funds as an Investor Services Representative in September 1998. This is the first job that I've had that I enjoy. Then in September 1999, I went to work for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, the company that owns Van Kampen. (as we say, "Who's your Daddy?" hehe)

I used to have a weenie dog named Teddy. He was my "TeddyBear". I loved him so much and he was there for me during a down time in my life. He was my life. Unfortunately, I was unable to give him the proper home he deserved, so I gave him to a family that I hope treats him well and loves him as much as I did. I still miss him and think about him everyday.

After Teddy, I decided to get fish. Definitely much easier to take care of. My prized posession was a shark that I named Neptune. I also had various community fish and two frogs. Since we felt the fish would not survive the move to San Diego, we gave them a courteous whirlpool bath ... if you catch my drift.

I recently married Lane, the most wonderful and caring man around. He's also, as I like to say, very rememberative. Yes, we eloped and only a handful of people knew of our plans. Currently, I only have one picture from the wedding scanned to the page. To read all about our wedding, click here WEDDING
Check out his web page too ... Lane's Page

Now I am in San Diego. I worked for LPL Financial Services for about seven months. At the end of 2000, I quit to enjoy being a Navy Wife. Currently, Lane is at sea. I am pregnant, and he will be home just in time for the birth of our first child. I am very excited about starting our own family.

Well, now that you know more than you wanted to know about me.............


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