Greetings Comrade!!!, And welcome to the American Socialist Soviet Republic of our great nation the Union Sociailist Soviet Republics. Yes as we all know English is still spoken in a few parts but soon all of the Great American Republic will be Russianized. As I'm sure you're going to want to travel through our Republic here's some tips and history of the reigon.

In 1774 America was savigly rulled by the evil British Captilist bbut a young bolshivik named George Washington was able to fight off the Imperilist and bring America under to true Socialism. America continued to thrive intill the Democratic Fraklin Delonor Rosevelt threw over the goverment and installed a captilist goverment. Althoguh he helped the Motherland win the Great Patrotic War, America soon became the Soviet Union's greatist enemy. It wasn't till 1962 when the American President John Franklen Kennedy realized the greatness of true Socilism agreed rather to go to war over a trival matter as Cuba, to join the great Union of Socialist Soviet Republics and help unite the world under true Communism.

As I'm sure you'll want to see much of our great country here's some of the most famoust ares.

The Washtonion Kremlin


This is where the American Soviet meets from the diffrent Oblast to help decide important issues pertanitng to the republic.

America's Interoblast System

America can proudly say that we have the best mantianed Roads in all of the Soviet Union! Although not really a tourist attraction we like you to know that you our safe withen our borders.

The Lenin Memorial

America can proudly say we have the biggest memorial and church of Lennin in all of the USSR. Here people can come and phrase Lennin and his predicesors. Party meetings can be held or you can come just to marvel in this nations wonder

Now rember! to enter and go from Oblast to oblast you must have your passports, visa, and the proper papers. After all no one want's their Vacation runied by a KGB Lieutinut.

Good day Comrade and I hope to see you soon!
Long live the Party!

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