The October Revolution

The Other October Revolution . . .

1915 After the Lisfutania sinks Woodrow Wilson declares war on Germany and Austria.

Febuary 1917: The Febuary Revilution
Because of more and more food and supplys going to the war front Americans find that very few Americans have jobs and food

March 1:
A young man named Franklen D. Roosevelt, a socialist, calls for all true Americans to support the Socialist party and lead rebbelion against President WIlson and help install a communist goverment.

March 2:
Over in Russian a young Democrat named Vladimr Lennin support a Federalist goverment to be installed and for the Czar to be pushed out of power.

May 1917:
Mexico joins the war with Germany.

The first Democratic goverment of Russia where the Fedraist are a miority occurs. Lennis supposidly utturs the famous words, "There is such a party".

A Socialist Protest which New York citizens led against the Mexican invasion and the Fedralist goverment is met by a curt respose from Roosevelt.

July 19:
A warrent is issued for Lennins arrest. He flees the country to Finland.

05 - The US drops out of the Great War.
11 - The Socialist party gains the majority of the Democrat and Republican.
18 - Lennin begains urging for Innsurection.

"Red" October:
09 - Wilson issues an order to arrest all Reds.
10 - Roosevelt and supporters lead a raid on Washington, D.C.
12 - Wilson and his faimly are captured.
15 - Wilson and his faimly and the majority of Congress are secretly excuted.
18 - THe Second Red party occurs at Washington D.C annoucing that the United States is no more and that all terriotry is now onder rule of the United Socialist States of America.

The First American Socialist Congress meets with the Majority being Socialist. (The Only other part there was the Republican).


Roosevelt disbans Congress and gives him and the Party sole power.

13 - Lennin and the Fedralist take the winter palace and capture the Czar, his family and his staff.
19 - Roosevelt moves the capital to New York.