Third Riech

In 1941 Adolf Hitler, Fuher of the German Third Riech decides not to invade the Soviet Union and instead to concentarate Germany’s efforts on England. Hitler once again drives a massive air blitz over the Britsh Isles. On Jan. 11 1942 what is later known as the Battle of the Channel, The ever growing German Navy and Air Force launches a campaign against the Massive Britsh Navy. Using revolunaiary tatics the German Navy practily demolishs the Royal Navy. On Jan 25 The first German Solder sets foots on English soil. The Germans start a slow advance toword London and the rest of England. Hitler’s Generels then make the mistake of landing troops in Scotland, where they being prone because of the mountaious region later retreat. In early March after warnings from Churchill British starts releasing mustard gas among the Germans. Who soon retalite with Chlorine Gas. After Evelven months of Fighting England finally falls to the Third Reich. His Majesty and the Prime Minister, Winstion Churchill, are taken prisoner by SS troops. OSS agents eventully smuggle Churchill into the US, but His Majesty is shot trying to escape. In about April 1943, Germany starts it’s invasion in the USSR. Because of Stalins heasitation of counterattacking Riech troops succesfully drive their way to Lenningrad in a matter of two weeks, mean while two seprate divisons of troops are fighting in the Ukrane, and in the Causian Republics. In July German troops arive at Moscow, while German troops and their Navy is seiging Lenningrad. Finnaly after three weeks of fighting Moscow falls and the General Secutary and half of his staff mannage to escape to the Ural Mountains, continuing the war. While troops are chasing the reatreting Poliburo, Generels in the Ukrane are making a much slower push. It becomes obvious that the Soviet Union will lose at the battle of Stalingrad which was not only a deveistating deafeat for the Soviets but damages on moral also. In the winter of 1943 the Soviets make a few small victorys against the Germans in the cold winter. Finlly in the next May of 1944 the Germans start up their campaign again and push the Soviets back to the Ural mountains where Stalin then calls troops protecting Siberia and Vladostik to help protect the temporary capital. As soon as they leave Japaneses forces sieze Vladostik and most of Soberia diminishing what little recources the Soviet Union had left fianlly in Augest of 1944 Riech Forces capture and kill the majority of the politburo and other high ranking officals. Italy is immeditly caught by suprise when German Forces invade their lands and sucede in conquering most of Italy in less than two months. Hitler then declares that Africa, and Europe are now under control of the Third Riech.

The AMerican citizens then sat their waiting froman attack from the pacific by the Japanesse or an attack on the atlanitic by the Germans. Supringly the Germans decided to go under and the fleet landed in Mexico which was taken over in a matter of weeks. They then proceded to blockaide the coastline with the U-boats and prevent any trade going though the south, while blitz radiing the US. The Hitler made his mistake in Septemtber of 1945 he moved part of his forces to take Canada so the US would be bloxed in. Instantly the American Millitary detected movement and moved the Navy in and traped the German fleet at what would become the moost famous and Bloddiest battle of the war, The Battle of Havana. The Nazi fleet was then forced to retreat back to Mexico. Finally in November with dual coperation from the Japanese a two pronged attack was made into the US, one which was through San Diago and the Second through New Mexico. Making a quick advance the two forces in a few weeks met up and controlled most of the South West. Hitler then Proceded to direct his next targets up north to San Fransico. There when the Japanese & German troops arrived they found that the city was nearly deserted and silient. At December 6, 1945 on 1240 the silence was broken as two planes flew overhead and dropped a single bomb. As one German Captain who saw the aftermath reported “It was like seeing two suns rising in the sky . . . “ THe United States had discovered Nuclear power. THe US sent a signal too the Japanese and Germans giving them three days to start evacuating the US. Three days with no response. Five days past with still no report. Finally one week later a second bomb was set off at the Germans - Jap. American Headquarters in San Diago. It killed instantly 121,445 troops and Sailors 20,000 were officers while nearly demoslishing half of the Japanese fleet. The American troops imedityl pushed the Japanese back into Asia and the Germans back into Mexico and later down into South Ameica. Five more Atomic bombs were used two by the Americans: One in Berlin and Tokeo; One by the Japanese at the US Navel base in the Sandwitch Islands and two by the Germans one in New York and Washington. The Japansese empire was later pushed back to the Japanese Islands and today the world consist of the two superpowers: the Greater German Riech, The United States of America. And sevrel lesser powers: Free France; Canada; China Empire.

THe world is in a constant lockhold and coldwar much as the SOviet Union and US were. Nuclear arms are kept building up as millitary. The War never really ended but no real direct confilct berween the two superpowers exist.

Japanese are treated as Second Class citiznes in the US, the US has become more strict and martial law has been established for the past thirty-five years, . . . . And the Jewish population in the enitre world only consist of a few hundred . . . All American . . .

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