AH's aren't changed by signifgant changes just something small. So for those of you who are familer with the Texas Revolution you may know about James Fannin who debated wither he should go to the Alamo and by the time his reluctant Aide conviced him to go it was too late. So what if Fannin had another Aide . . .

3-12 James Fannin recives the plea for help at the Alamo. He sends a message to Sam Houston saying that hes moving his troops to the Alamo with 558 men.
2-22 James Fanninn arives at the alamo
3-2 Washington on the Brazos deligates declare Indipendence
3-5 James Fannin and William Travis drive away the Mexicans with 3000 dead. The Mexican retreat to a small town named New Krakow. William Travis is killed in the battle. 420 die in the hard retreat.
3-7James Fannin and Sam Houston decide there next stratigic move against the Mexicans. Davy Crokett is promoted to Colonel and given command of Travis forces. The Battle occurs at 1500H when the Mexican are taking their siesta. Casulties: Mexicans 1221/3280; Texans 17/1600
3-9 Santa Anna retreats back to Mexico. On the way Davy Crokett lead repeated Gurrila attacks against the Mexican forces.

3-27 President Burnet issues a call to all countrys around the world for recogniton, ecomic aide, and more men.

4-12 Houston acting on imformation from prisoners and solders moves his forces to Galviston.

5-13 Houston arrives in Galviston with nine thousand men.

6-23 The William Travis arrives in Galviston after a skrimish with the Mexican fleet and imforms Houston that 5 converted Merchant ships should arrive soon.

6-27 Five ships arrive in Galviston Harbor. All ships succesfully unload the troops except one which after half way unloading is sunk by retreating Texas cannons.

6-29 Santa Anna after days of waiting moves to crush Houston's army. Being over confident he starts to push the Texans back intill Fannin arrives much the same way Washington did during Trenton and attacks with about 1500 men from behind. Other troops cature the Mexican Navy.

6-30 Santa Anna during a brief pause of fighting moves south to Choclate Bayu.

7-8 Fannin with the four captured Mexican ships moves south on Texas borders while Houston moves south searching for Santa Anna.

7-16 Fannin acting on a hunch moves up in San Antonio bay and marches his men to Cuero. He also sends a messanger to Houston telling him of his plan

7-28 Fannin engages the Mexicans on their march to San Antonio and Cuero but Because of Houston's late arrival is reforced to retreat and the next day meets with Houston.

8-2 Houston engages with Santa Anna for the last time at the town of Yorktown (Very Ironic wouldn't you say?) and with a river to the south and men on the North and force Santa Anna's army to surrender. Santa Anna escapes.

8-7 Santa Anna is captured in the town of Ranna Maria.

8-12 The Treaty of Ranna Maria is signed.

9-15 US grants recongsision to Texas.

10-1 Texas request statehood.

10-12 President Burnet gives permission for the Santa Fe expedition.

10-22 American Immagrents set up a town in West Texas (around today's Oddesa) later to be named Jefferson.

San Antonio - 2,500; Austin - 1,900; Houston - 1,500; Jefferson - 154; Total Pop - 150,000; Army - 5,000; Navy (ships) -

1-3 US Congress accepts the request seeing how Britan and France quicly set up trade routes.